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Flashback 80's with Purple

Bio: I knew at the age of 5 when I used to tape songs off the radio that I wanted to be a DJ. I later got the opportunity to work at a small station in New York for 4 years. Music has always been my passion, especially music of the 80's.  It was an exciting period of music and each week I will take you back in the time machine to revisit a time where the party never ends. My other passion besides music? All things purple of course!
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New Live Show! Flashforward With Purple airing Wednesdays on

Check listings below



M80's Radio Friday and Sunday 12 noon ET/5 pm UK check links to listen

Seabird Radio UK   Friday 2 pm ET/7 pm UK  check links below to listen

Classic Hits Canada Friday 10 pm ET/3 am UK check links below to listen


 links to listen/complete scheduling details below

Thanks so much for listening to Flashback 80's with Purple!



New Shows Every Friday on M80's Radio


12 pm ET/5 pm UK

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New Show! Live!

Flashforward With Purple

80's artists beyond the 80's!

Wednesday 11 am ET/4 pm UK  

If you would like to make a request or drop me a line hit the chat button below or visit the contact page.

If you are a station interested in carrying my show please contact me.

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Replays and Classic Shows Airings



Two hours of Flashback 80's with Purple! 

Hour one is my latest show followed by a classic show

7 am ET/12 pm UK   WERB Radio 107.5

8 am ET/1 pm UK (classic show)  WERB Radio 107.5

12pm ET/ 5pm UK

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11 am ET/4 pm UK  WERB 107.5 (encore of prior week's show) 


  10pm ET/ 3am UK  Classic Hits Canada 

Alternate Links:  MyTunerRadio


                            GetMeRadio(multiple options) 

                          Online Radio Box

                           Tune In Radio (unavailable in the UK)



Two hours of Flashback 80's with Purple! 

Hour one is my latest show followed by a classic show

3 pm ET/8 pm UK  WERB Radio 107.5

4 pm ET/9 pm UK (classic show)  WERB Radio 107.5


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