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Purple Power Productions
Broadcasting and Voice Overs
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Located in the NYC area, I am a radio veteran having spent 4 years working in radio in NY state and now currently on internet radio. I have also ventured into the world of podcasting. I  am often  told that my voice has a unique quality which stands out from the crowd.  I am available for radio, podcasting and voice over work. Contact information available on this website.

Latest News


Now on WERB Radio 4 days a week! Check my radio page for complete listings  

My blog about MTV is up on WERB Radio's website. Check the blog section on this site or visit WERB Radio!

Now on WERB Radio 107.5!

Check out my new YouTube classic audio
book channel!

Now on SeaBird Radio UK

Now on Classic Hits Canada! Check my radio page for details!

My podcast is now on Vurbl!
 My podcast is now available on Pandora!!
My podcast is now available on YouTube!!

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Contact me for business inquiries or radio show requests!

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